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tv; parade's end

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vg; tlou

My batch for 20inspirations challenge: DIY. I managed to make 10 in one day and then the other ten in 2 day span and I loved every second of working on these. It's a fantastic game and it's going to be a motion picture and the original director of the game is writing the script so it's gonna be fine. But if you have a chance play this fucking game because it will make you connect with a part of you you might not know yet.
Also, at the end of my batch there's a link to download the 20psds, I thought it better to just upload it anyway instead of ~waiting.

21: The Last of Us
2: Sherlock
6: Under the dome
2: Silent Hill
1: The Girl with the dragon tattoo

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07 11 14 - 128: Rainbow Vomit for 20inspirations
vg; tlou
Something I've learnt making these icons: I HATE RAINBOWS. Also, I'm completely unable to make mono-toned icons without yelling at my screen. Anyway, it was really a great fun trying to get this shit done, I had some problem around the middle of it but I managed. There are some TLoU icons attached at the end of the batch because I haven't been making icons lately. Summer's too hot and inspiration was gone.


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