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119 Icon Progression Post

(or better, how I managed to mess up everything)

★ J a n ★

Apparently that was the month of the pairings, lots of love for all of these six. Experimentation with the tablet and deep lights and vibrant colours. Special mention for the #4 which is till one of my favourite from last year.
★ F e b ★

More vibrant experimentation plus TEXT, that month was massive on text and text inspiration. That was when I finally decided to work with wall of text and poetries. Fav: #6
★ A p r ★

I really have no idea how to deal with the mess that was april. Let's say I was trying (failing is more likely) to move away from what I was doing. #5
★ M a y ★

YELLOW was high in my mind apparently. Also, do you see where I was going? (trying to reduce my painted-shit-lines). I couldn't get over parade's end feels. Damn it. #3
★ J u n ★

Forget what I said about painted lines, this was sooooooo bad and good at the same time I don't even know. Can I mention that #5 is actually one of my favourite icons ever? Stupid I know, but #FEELS (Also, those are Tina Dico's albums titles)
★ S u m m e r   T i m e 

Most of these were made during summer but posted only in october. I sucked and I had a horrible summer. Nothing to say there. Crazy color shit and center crops. #2 and #9
★ O c t★

Parade's END IS STILL THERE WHY?! #Can't let that go apparently, also, that was my BLEND ALL THE FUCKING CAPS TOGETHER period apparently. Though I LOVE that batch. #3 (for the lyrics)
★ N o v ★

Let me tell you, these six icons are STILL unposted, that means that they'll probably go up in my next post which'll be... Sometimes next year. What can I say? I moved on on different things. I'm trying to change.
★ D e c ★

Same as above: UNPOSTED STUFF IS GOOD. Also, these are my veeeeeeery latest works. That's how I do things now. Am I happy? Yes, to be honest. I feel like I'm doing something I reeeeeeeeeally enjoy which is good and satisfying.
★ 2 0 1 3★

I just hope to be able to keep my inspiration steady, to work more on my own style and coloring way. And to be around more in general? That's it. Bye.
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