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Lex Deletia

120: The Missing Icons

Happy (superlate) New Year!
This post contains most of the icons I made between oct'13 and feb'14, I have no idea when another one will be up because my iconmaking has been slow as hell (considering I spend lots of time working on working projects or working on personal illustrations), so here they are. Some of these I like, some I really dont.
Though, if you want to know something about them let me know, I still have most of the psds (after a huge purge in january!).

Fandoms (not exactly in order)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

TV: Rectify x1, Under the Dome x1, Hunted x1, True Blood x1, Parade's End x1, Teen Wolf x2, Game of Thrones x2, Camelot x1, Legend of the Seeker x2, Alias x1, Doctor Who x3, Lost x10, Merlin x3, Sleepy Hollow x2, Sherlock x16, Terminator: TSCC x3
Movies:Silent Hill Revelations x5, Iron Man 3 x3, James Bond (Craig's) x3, Final Fantasy TSW x1, W.E x1, Becoming Jane x1, Elizabethtown x1, Amélie x1, Jane Eyre (2006) x1, Resident Evil Saga x3, Mists of Avalon x6.
Videogame: The Last of Us x4



Tags: movie: 007, movie: amelie, movie: becoming jane, movie: elizabethtown, movie: final fantasy, movie: jane eyre, movie: mists of avalon, movie: resident evil saga, movie: silent hill, movie: we, tv: alias, tv: camelot, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: hunted, tv: lost, tv: lots, tv: merlin, tv: parade's end, tv: sherlock, tv: sleepy hollow, tv: teen wolf, tv: true blood, tv: tscc, vg: tlou
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