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121: 20inspirations' Elementary + Dump Post

I'll be short because I don't really know what to say for this set. 20inspirations is back and I'm really happy even if I struggled through this theme A LOT.
Anyway, with my set for 20insp there's also a dump batch of icons I made since my last post but never got around to upload them here.

Okay, let's face it, I am completely unable to make original icons, I just roll around in my comfort zone and be happy with that.
These icons though have the ~general theme vibe, since they're not exactly what I normally do with caps or colors that are in my usual palette. Though the last 10 icons are heavy in inspiration with BANKS music because I fell in love with her as soon as Waiting Game was over. Anyway, #19 is basically me telling myself that. HOORAY -forgive this rant-
!! A big thank you to daynawashere and jsfunction for their encouraging comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Elementary for 20inspirations


Sorry there are no information about what's inside this cut except that fandoms are written on top of every "minibatch". (I'm getting lazier and lazier)

The Last Of Us / Final Fantasy XIII Saga

Benedict Cumberbatch x Katie McGrath

Doctor Who / Legend of the Seeker / Luther / Teen Wolf / Haven / Game of Thrones / Hannibal / Parade's End


Cloud Atlas / Dark Knight Trilogy / Silent Hill / Star Trek Into Darkness

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo /

Tags: movie: cloud atlas, movie: dark knight trilogy, movie: silent hill, movie: star trek, movie: tgwtdt, tv: doctor who, tv: elementary, tv: game of thrones, tv: haven, tv: lots, tv: luther, tv: parade's end, tv: sherlock, vg: tlou, videogame: final fantasy
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