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125: another two tutorials from this round of Ask The Maker

This time around both tuts were asked by dixon and, to be quite honest, I didn't even remember making the first one. Anyway, onto the tuts!

This icon is a mystery to me, I remember nothing about it, not even know that I'm watching the psd, anyway.
Here are my two bases (prepare yours as you please, to mine I just used a curve layers because it's fast and clean.)

As I said in my previous tuts, I don't crop che canvas, I just resize it (ctrl+alt+c) to the dimension I like, in this case I went straight to 100*100. I moved around Brienne's cap (the copy of it, remember to copy your base onto a new layer so you'll still have your pretty base down there if you need further editing) and went for a very weird "no-eyes" crop on the side.

I duplicated the layer (ctrl+j) and blurred it with the gaussian blur tool on 4 (my usual setting!)

To color I've used two gradient maps layer, the first one with: 30211f and d1a481 on normal, copy this layer and set it on soft light for some very warm brownish tones.

I've then added a gradient fill layer with #3e1515 to transparent on the top on overlay 100%

Text is the next step, I've used "Mustang" font to write "oath keeper" with a mid-brownish (69472f) and I set the layer on colour dodge to make it transparent.

Then I took out a copy of Jaime's cap I resized it and masked away all the background until only Jaime was visible

To color Jaime only you have to clip your layers to Jaime's one, to do that you can either right click on the layer in the layer palette and click "create clipping mask" or use the shortcut ctrl+alt+g. Your preference.
Anyway, Jaime's colouring started with a gradient map (no kidding), with these colours: 1d1910 and 992e36 on normal, then a duplicate on color dodge (just to show some lights) both layers at 100% opacity

Apparently I've used a selective colour layer editing only the black in the blacks palette to make it more dense, and then used a curves layer to light up the figure (which is a bit stupid now that I see it, but yeah).

Now, let me aplogize because I don't remember the textures makers, I think both were made by "lookslikerain" but I can't be sure; if you know tho, let me know and I'll credit (thing is I'm sure I've also edited them a bit) anyway, the first texture

is set on overlay at 100% and the second one

is set on multiply 100%

Last step was to create a white to transparent on top gradient, move it very low on the canvas and leave it there, to give that nice glowy-thing at the bottom.

Apparently I used no sharpening that time. And that's it!

So, another tuts where I worked on a bigger-than-100px canvas.
I'm pretty sure I worked on a bigger one, but the psd had this dimensions so yeah.
First thing as usual, prepare your base, I use my dear curves because fast and smooth is the way

As you might notice, I've also regularized the too warm hue the caps originally had playing with the same curves (blue and red) and toning it on a colder colour scheme

With a round soft brush, I created a couple of stains over her hair, I've used a very bright yellow because I wanted the hair to pop, but go with any colour you like, set the layer on soft light then duplicate it and set it on screen to make it glow

I wasn't trying to be neat as you may see there's a lot of yellow on her forehead, left eye and cheekbone, it doesn't really matter so don't try to be very neat.
Colour balance helped to give some dynamics colour to my cap, used especially the
midtones: 48 -8 -8
which turned the caps more reddish-purpleish

And since I'm one whom loves warm colour I just threw a blueish (#31419f) colour on hard light in a low opacity (30%) to cool everything down.

Next is a gradient map I created out of a texture, I think you should just use the colour picker on the tiny squares to pick the exact colours out of it (don't foget to save it because you'll need this again)

the gradient map is set on soft light and it actually darkens everything a lot

Now, create a gradient fill layer and use the same colours as the gradient map only set them horizontally with the lighter part on top and bottom and set te layer on screen at a mid opacity (55%)

Selective colour to tame down some of the warmth (and pump up that light blue); I edited the reds: 46 7 -3 -26
the yellows: 17 -14 18
the cyans: 100 -99 -100 93
the blues: 34 -100 -36 86
the whites: 100 -20 -57 -34
and that's it.

Another tricky part, I've used the same soft-round-brush to create a stain on the right side of the icon, I've used three different kind of light blue, but I can't really pick the colours now because I blurred the layer, so just use what you like best to achieve something similar. Consider that the gif down here shows you: #1 the stain, first layer setting (hard light), copy-layer setting (soft light).

With the same brush, on a new layer, I made some blobs on her face, neck and shoulder and set the layer on overlay to lighten up those zones

A vibrance layer to make the color pop a bit

Then some other spots, on the hair and the sky on the left side with a white brush with the layer set on screen mid-high opacity (77%)

With our original yellow, just create another blob on her hair on the left and set it on hard light (or overlay or soft light, your preference) to make them really glowy-yellow and warm.

Last thing in my psd was a Levels layer, where I popped up the light a bit to make everything less dull.

Now, I'm branching out and going without any help here because there's nothing more in the psd, anyway, since I was working on a bigger canvas there, when I resized it and decided a crop I drew some hair with a light yellow (picked from the top left corner) all over her face, and I've used the same colour to redefine her eyelid and her pupil. I think that that's really it, the colouring was done before so those were just details to the crop. To draw I use the hard round brush with the pen pressure active for the size (not the opacity in this case).

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