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126: The Last of Us and Kill Bill tutorials

Sorry I can't show you the original caps, though, any caps will work for this tut.
♦ Prepare your base your usual way, it's irrelevant, then set one of the two caps as a "base", which means it will be your building base or "THE TOP" ;D
Mine was this:

♦ Gradient map with these colours (left - right) #000000 - #a85857 set on normal because I knew that I was going to play with red and green (and also the other caps has some pretty green in origin so yay)

♦ Since it was a bit too dark I've used curves to lighten it up, as usual no values, but you'll know if you have a cap that's really dark

♦ I've pasted and masked my second cap, to create the curve thing in the mask I've used the pen tool creating a point then clicking a second time and curving the line before releasing. It's easier to try that to explain. You can also use the "Custom Shape Tool" even if I'm not really fond of it

♦ This texture

by ?? (let me know if you know!) set on screen to create some green spots on Joel and to lighten up be right bottom corner

♦ Go big with the Vibrance tool if your icon needs it, mine did so i pushed the vibrance at 100 (but you know, you might need something less flashy)

♦ A Gradient map with these #3f404d - f1e5c7 on Hard Light helps a lot to push the light parts out without darkening the shadows to much.

#d1d0b8 on multiply to dull everything out a bit (yeah I swing between ultra light while working and grunge before saving...)

♦ Duplicate the texture layer and drag it on top lowering the opacity as needed (for me was 53%)

♦ I don't remember which font I've used (photoshop says it's Tw Cen MT, but I wouldn't really bet on it) anyway, I put the two words on the same layer, with two colour I picked from the icon and rasterized it, used the blur tool, made it fade to 50 and used the drop down shadow. And that's really it.

This was the original cap, as usual lighten it up your own way, it's not really important; I've used curves to do this.

Consider this, you can achieve this effect with ANY profile from any fandom, because it's not really the cap that makes the difference.
Anyway, opena 100*100 document and set a background color, in my case was a very bright red (BLOOD RED) #960014, with the shape tool I designed a circle and made it orange (nothing really complicated).

Then with the pen tool I created a triagnle a bit off on the side and picked a very bright yellow (obviously, my theme was blood, you pick your own!)

And that's basically the base I'm going to work on, before I paste my profile onto it, I've used a texture:

by lookslikerain and set it on soft light to give a bit of a vibe to my background.

Now the hard work! Paste your profile into the canvas and mask away the background if you haven't alredy. You should have something like this:

Now create a layer UNDER your profile and with an hard round brush, design the contour of your profile, just remember to alternate colours (the red on the yellow - yellow on the red) this creates a night border effect.

NOw use a white-to transparent gradient with the white part (in my case) in the right lower corner and set it on softlight to illuminate your facial features

I had to fix her colors because her hair were a bit clashing with the mood of the icon, to do so I've used the colour balance tool, adding up in red and yellow. This obviously won't work for you if you're using cold tones, this is just a ~path. Pick your colors.

I've used a new layer to add some lines in my icon on her dress, her hairline and such, this is what the lines looks like on a white background and then on the subject

NExt for me is the copy af all the layers (ctrl+alt+shift+c), paste them onto a new layer and sharpen if you like (it's not really really important tbh).
The with a soft round brush on the left side I've added a bit of light. I've used a reddish colour picked from the base itself and set on screen on a mid opacity (53%)

Okay, I had to work a bit on my positioning but using the rule of third helped a lot, because in the end, my text was the subject of this icon. Cutting this useless babbling, pick a phrase or words that could work in block in this case. I've also used a very heavy sans serif font because I knew I wanted it bold. The two fonts I picked were: Gothic 13 Std for "O-REN ISHII" and Tempo Std for "the assassin".

THIS is what my grid looks like, you see that the text is right in the middle?

These two idiots are $$$ but yeah. Wait for the font guide... Anyway, I really did nothing to the text except making it white and duplicating "The assassin" to blur it a bit. And that was it really.


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