121: 20inspirations' Elementary + Dump Post

I'll be short because I don't really know what to say for this set. 20inspirations is back and I'm really happy even if I struggled through this theme A LOT.
Anyway, with my set for 20insp there's also a dump batch of icons I made since my last post but never got around to upload them here.

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Sorry there are no information about what's inside this cut except that fandoms are written on top of every "minibatch". (I'm getting lazier and lazier)

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120: The Missing Icons

Happy (superlate) New Year!
This post contains most of the icons I made between oct'13 and feb'14, I have no idea when another one will be up because my iconmaking has been slow as hell (considering I spend lots of time working on working projects or working on personal illustrations), so here they are. Some of these I like, some I really dont.
Though, if you want to know something about them let me know, I still have most of the psds (after a huge purge in january!).

Fandoms (not exactly in order)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

TV: Rectify x1, Under the Dome x1, Hunted x1, True Blood x1, Parade's End x1, Teen Wolf x2, Game of Thrones x2, Camelot x1, Legend of the Seeker x2, Alias x1, Doctor Who x3, Lost x10, Merlin x3, Sleepy Hollow x2, Sherlock x16, Terminator: TSCC x3
Movies:Silent Hill Revelations x5, Iron Man 3 x3, James Bond (Craig's) x3, Final Fantasy TSW x1, W.E x1, Becoming Jane x1, Elizabethtown x1, Amélie x1, Jane Eyre (2006) x1, Resident Evil Saga x3, Mists of Avalon x6.
Videogame: The Last of Us x4


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118: Parade's End icons for technique20in20 + Miss Fisher Icons

No rants this time because my eyes are crossing already. Never blended so much in one go. Just a ~thing. I've made a couple of videos of me working on these icons (last Parade's 10) the first video is already online here clicky the second one will be uploaded in a couple of days. If you've some time try to watch it, except for the fact that there's no audio, it's really funny to see how I work on icons (I laughed my arse out at my fail coloring on icon #4). Anyway, this is a minibatch really.

01-21: Parade's End
22-33: Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries (S1)

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117: Icon dump and NO I DID NOT DIE!

Shame on my you say? Well, yes, okay. Shame on me for disappearing all this time. Though what can you do when your muse dies? You wait (and do some RL stuff like working, setting your desktop pc on fire, drawing naked man with erections and basically live). My summer was just like that. Also very sweaty. But you don't need to know that.
So, icons! HOORAY for a batch that's HUGE, not mu standard HUGE but pretty huge.
Most of these were made for italian challenges and Miss Fisher's one's are made for watchnicon because, let's be honest, I have a thing for detectives a-la-Poirot. Or Miss Marple. Or Fisher in this case. /rant
Most of these are VERY experimental (hello CS5 with subtract blending mode), so, yeah. Take them as they are.
I missed making stuff on ps, lately I've just been drawing stuff (here if you want to make your eyes bleed) and postproduced a massive amount of photographs with naked women. I want to make icons again.

!!!How epic was Elementary premiere? #love
Doctor Who #1 -24 / Clue #25
Clue #26 - 27 / Sherlock #28 - 39 / Elementary #40
Elementary #41 - 42 / Sleepy Hollow #43 / Teen Wolf #44 - 45
Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries #51 - 63 / Star Trek Into Darkness #64 - 68 / Kill Bill #69 - 72
au room entry: final fantasy ladies ( X - XII)


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116: ALIAS I HATE YOU SO MUCH! (Not really) aka my 20inspirations batch.

I'LL NEVER EVER EVER ICON ALIAS AGAIN. I didn't remember all that reddish/yellow hue in the first season. And the darkness. MEH. Still love this show so much, and it was actually fun trying to connect all the icons without using the same theme twice. I cheated a bit here and there, because, well, come on. I cheat. That's what I do. Anyway. There's also a bit of dump post down the cut because yes, I haven't iconed in a while and that junk needed to be gone. I want to go back iconing a lot, and I'm thinking about what caps to use for the new theskilldrill challenge. I think I'll go with Parade's End, GoT and Haven. We'll see.



Alias (s1) icons for
20inspirations #01-20
Alias #21-33
BBC!Sherlock #34 - 41
Da Vinci's Demons #42-44
Game of Thrones #45 -46
Doctor Who #47-48
Camelot #49

Cracks #50
Changeling #51-53

Benedict Cumberbatch #54
Milla Jovovich #55- 58





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